challenge course

Rod Jones

Challenge Course

Outdoor Activities

Eagle Ridge Conference Center is home to a Challenge Course team building program that provides a memorable experience for both businesses and individuals.  The programs’ challenges vary in how they are presented to each group depending on dynamics, participants’ levels of comfort with physical activities, team concepts being illustrated by the activity and other criteria.

Team Expedition
The Team Expedition training sessions run four to eight hours.  The team gets brief training in map reading and The Wall on the Challenge Course at ERCCcompass use.  The objective for the team is to devise a plan and locate a maximum of 24 control points within a one-mile radius of the Conference Center.  The team coordinates the efforts of “field teams” and the “base camp” by using two-way radios.  The activity parallels many work environments.

Client Feedback
“Every activity was wonderful! Today was a great day.  We are all better leaders than we were before!”  
Millsaps Principal Institute participant

“I had a lot of fun! I got to have a great time with my team and learn how to communicate more effectively.” 
Rylee House, Skills USA participant

“The facility is awesome and the trainers were excellent.  The challenge course added a whole new dimension to our staff retreat.  We look forward to returning next year.” 
Carol Robinson, Business Owner

“Team Expedition is amazing…what a great way to reinforce the purpose of communication skills with a team that is spread all over the state…exceeded my expectations.” 
Jack Matthews, Industrial Engineering