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The Division of Economic Development and Training is ready to create a training program for any group. Customizing curriculum to meet the needs of your company or organization to enhance employee performance is our goal. Our experienced staff can create a program that meets specific needs of the participants as well as facilitate programs through Achieve Global.

We have enjoyed a long-term partnership with numerous industries andLectures businesses who have taken advantage of the many training programs we offer. Feedback from our participants often reflects how valuable the material is as well as how competent the facilitators are.

The Economic Development and Training Division of Hinds Community College is ready to work with you to identify your training needs and develop a unique program to accomplish your goals.

Today, customer service is more important than ever because many customers are more loyal to the deal than to the dealer. And customer service is more challenging because we’re in a multichannel world.

To play at the seamless service game, a company’s strategy must consist of four key elements:

1. Preparation: train your people to give great service.
2. Knowledge: Understand your customers across all channels.
3. Communication: Communicate internally and externally with your customers, suppliers and partners.
4. Commitment: Make customer service a way of live.